Yahoo! Widgets

Yahoo! Widgets 4.5.2

Bring all the things you love right to your Windows or Mac desktop
4.2  (120 votes)
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Yahoo! Widgets are small, specific applications that you can run on your Windows or Mac OS desktop. They are small and specific for convenience and performance reasons. Because they are so small, Widgets need another application to run. It's the Yahoo! Widget application, and you can download the application and a starter set of Widgets to your PC or Mac.

Widget can do almost anything from displaying a weather forecast to playing a game. Widgets generally sit on your desktop and don't look like applications as we're used to seeing them in a standard window. Instead, Widgets tend to look like small pictures or animations.

The Widget Dock is a column of mini-Widget icons that initially appears at the right edge of the desktop. It's a handy at-a-glance way of keeping on top of the information or entertainment the Widget handles. The dock can be at the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the desktop.

Review summary


  • Some widgets are cool and stylish, like the red clock


  • Generally speaking, I don't like applications like these ones. I prefer to keep my desktop (and PC) as clean as possible
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